And as they work beneath the clay,
With heads bowed down these miners pray,
That God will hear them up above
And send them safely to the ones they love.
Now if this cannot come to pass,
And he must pay the price at last.
The miner leaves his last demand:
Keep my child safe above the land.

"A Coal Miner's Prayer"
by John & Millie Quann

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The Olyphant Coal Miners Memorial monument.  Click to enlarge.

The Olyphant Coal Miner Memorial was dedicated June 17, 2007.  The bronze monument is based on a sculpture by artist, Frank Wyso, a native of Blakely, Lackawanna County, PA.  Photos >>

WNEP-TV Newscast

Wyso Art Exhibit in Olyphant

The Olyphant Miner Memorial Project

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The Olyphant Coal Miner Memorial plaque was dedicated August 9, 2009.  The plaque is based on a painting by artist, Frank Wyso.  This completes the memorial located on the west side of town at the corner of Lackawanna Avenue and River Street.  Photos >>

Frank Wyso: The Artist

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